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Five minutes with Julien Vautel CEO of Hedios

Five minutes with Julien Vautel CEO of Hedios

JvB Mardi 01 Janvier 2019

INFO speaks with the chief executive of the French brokerage firm on their investment products, Brexit, and their decision to set up in the UK

What are the activities of Hedios in the UK?

Hedios is the founder of a range of exclusive and dynamic investment solutions for French private clients called ‘Gammes H.’ Our solutions are designed for people who want to invest their euros in a mid-long term perspective.
Hedios has been present in London for almost four years, with offices based in Mayfair. French expatriates are welcome to come and discuss directly with the Hedios team about their savings in complete confidence. More than 10,000 clients trust us and our performance. Therefore, our ambition is to offer our ‘savoir-faire’ to French expatriates in London, so they can benefit from our track record, which on average has delivered 8.17 percent yields per year, net of all fees, for the past ten years.

Could you explain ‘Gammes H’ and how the product was conceived?

Gammes H is a unique asset class that aims to provide clients with substantial gains, even when the markets are steady. It is also designed to protect capital if the markets fall to a certain level when the investments come to term.
For ten years, Gammes H have been a reference in the savings market with more than an 8 percent net annual rate of return. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results and is not constant over time. However with Gammes H investors benefit from principal protection and a snowball effect while requiring minimal market knowledge and time.
Hedios has also developed a premium and free service that offers a bespoke approach to invest savings called the ‘Mandat Gammes H.’

What led to the decision to base operations in the UK?

Since its creation, Hedios has become a key player in the French savings market as a specialist of investment solutions. We have developed a 100 percent online process to subscribe that is unique on the French structured investments market. Hedios is actually a real Fintech! Therefore, our clients can be based wherever in France and overseas.
In addition to this practical point, the decision to base operations in the UK and more specifically in London was motivated by one major factor: the French community. The number of French expatriates and families is impressive and in constant development. Expanding to London was a timely and natural move.

How have you overcome the challenge of relocation?

Hedios’s strategy in France is exclusively online. As a matter of fact, being 100 percent online is the key to deliver performance and transparency to our clients. However, our team of advisors is constantly available by phone in order to provide to our customers an individualised support to better position themselves on the Gammes H.
In London, we tailored another business approach (even if the process to subscribe remains in France). We concentrate our efforts to meeting individual investors in person. Our intent is to inform and explain the mechanism of Gammes H and their objectives when they have intentions to grow their savings in euros. We believe that when it comes to personal savings, it requires time and trust!
In order to interact with French expatriates, Hedios is a member of various associations and clubs within the French community that organise networking events. Moreover, in 2018 we launched ‘Les Rendez-vous Gammes H,’ as informal events in prestigious London venues. These are organised on a regular basis so attendees can learn more about Hedios’ unique investment offers.

How has Brexit affected your business?

Brexit has an effect on every business in the UK, particularly in the finance industry. However at this stage of the negotiations, Brexit is not affecting negatively neither our activities nor our expansion. Brexit threats and uncertainty have led French expatriates to save less or completely stop saving in pounds and to begin or intensify saving in euros.
Furthermore, Gammes H are seducing French expatriates who have the intention of going back to France in the medium or long term. Our offer has come just at the right time for those who wish to invest their euro savings in order to finance future projects, for instance in property, higher education for their children, or retirement.

What priorities do you have going forward?

Hedios’s main priority is to continue to grow in terms of image and awareness among the French community in London. In order to reach more clients, we are convinced that our performance is best shared through word of mouth. In 2019, we will celebrate the tenth anniversary of Gammes H, and we are very proud of our track record achieved during this period. More than 10,000 clients trust us and encourage our team to create and promote investment solutions that would deliver the best benefits.
Hedios’ business in the UK also benefits from an organic growth. Our clients are naturally our best ambassadors. Therefore, reaching more ambassadors, particularly French expatriates working in the finance industry, would definitely be another priority for 2019.

What does being a Patron member of the French Chamber means for Hedios?

We are very proud to have been a Patron member for the past two years. The French Chamber provides various networking opportunities and helps to connect companies of different sizes and business sectors. It is truly important for a French company that aims to develop business in London, as we do, to be part of the French Chamber in order to share best practices and learn from each other. Being a Patron member also gives us the chance to attend exclusive events in prestigious venues where we can exchange with CEOs of CAC40 and FTSE companies. It’s a club for business friendships!


  • Year founded: 2009
  • Company size: 20 employees
  • Number of investment products: one new product each month
  • Total money managed: +200m generated

‘At this stage, Brexit has had a positive impact on our expansion. Brexit threats and uncertainty have led French expatriates to save less in pounds, and to begin saving in euros’

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